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What is wrapping film?

Wrapping film is a thin and strong plastic film, used for wrapping pallets or goods. By tightly wrapping, the load is stabilised and at the same time it is protected against humidity and dirt.

There are two ‘types’ of wrapping film, namely blown and cast wrapping film. The difference between these two films lies in the production process and the properties. In general, the blown wrapping film is a little stiffer, better of quality, has a higher perforation resistance and sometimes has a milky glow. The cast wrapping film is usually less expensive and it unwinds with virtually no sound. Both the blown and cast wrapping film have their advantages and disadvantages.

The most commonly used rolls of wrapping film are 50 cm wide and are available as hand rolls or machine rolls.

Hand wrapping film

Hand wrapping film is (often) manually wrapped around the pallet with a dispenser. As a result, the load is stabilised and the products on the pallets are protected. This is most commonly used when the number of products to be packaged is limited.

With larger numbers of pallets, it is better to use a pallet wrapper. A good wrapping machine uses (much) less foil than when hand wrapping and is also less stressful for the operator.

Here you can see the different types of hand wrapping film.

Pre-stretched wrapping film

In addition to the ‘ordinary’ wrapping film, there is also pre-stretched hand wrapping film. This film is mechanically pre-stretched and is then tightly wrapped around the core. As a result, the film does not have to be pulled tight. The film automatically shrinks tightly around the load. A great benefit is that wrapping is a little easier and that less film is used around the pallet.

If a pallet wrapper is not equipped with a pre-stretch mechanism, pre-stretched film can be used. It is more expensive than film that has not been pre-stretched, but due to lower consumption it will often turn out as less expensive.

Here you can see the different types of pre-stretched stretch film.

Machine wrapping film

There is a special wrapping film available for pallet wrapping machines. These rolls are usually a lot heavier, because there are lot more metres of film on a roll. In addition to colour and thickness of the film, the stretch percentage is also important when it comes to machine films.

Pre-stretch means that the wrapping film is stretched out, a 1 meter length of film is stretched to give a longer length depddning on the % stretch required. The goal of pre-stretch is to save wrapping film and to increase the stability of the load. The most common stretch percentages are 150, 250, 300 and 350%.

Click here for the different types of machine film.

Do you already have a wrapping machine?

Do you already have a wrapping machine? It may be sensible to have a good look at it. All too often we see that customers are not using the correct film or are not using all the capabilities of a machine. As a result, it could be that your costs per pallet are too high and that the burden on the environment is unnecessarily high.

We are looking forward to giving you film advice based on a thorough analysis, without any obligations. We will look at the current situation and suggest options for improvement. Click here for more information about our wrapping-advice!


A top sheet is a plastic sheet that is placed on top of a pallet prior to or during wrapping, so that the top side is also properly protected against dust or humidity. The top sheet is held in place by wrapping it in the wrapping process or by strapping.

Topsheets are available in different sizes and thickness.

Here you can see the different types of top sheets.

Which film is the best?

It is not always easy to select the right type of film. In order to make the right decision, it is important to consider the shape, weight and size of the product to be wrapped, as well as the method of wrapping (machine/hand) and the conditions to which the wrapping film is exposed.

And that really requires experience and expertise!

Please contact us for extensive advice to help you make the correct decision.

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