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Saving on your packaging costs?

Do you already have a stretch wrapper? It may be wise to have a good look at it. All too often we see that customers are not using the correct film or are not using all the capabilities of a machine. As a result, it could be that your costs per pallet are too high and that the burden on the environment is unnecessarily high.

We are looking forward to giving you film advice based on a thorough analysis, without any obligations. We will look at your current situation and indicate what alternatives are availalbe for improvement.

Current situation

First, we will assess your current situation: how much film is used, what pre-stretch is achieved, what tension is there on the product, what is the wrapping pattern, what are the possibilities of your current machine and which type of film is being used? All aspects will be discussed in more detail for your benefit.

Based on this analysis, we will discuss the opportunities for improvement with you.


In principle, there are 4 possibilities that we can discuss with you:

  1. Change nothing. There are no possibilities for improvement.
  2. A different wrapping film. The advice could be to use a different type of film, e.g. a thinner film. This could lead to a lower environmental burden with the same end result and to savings because of purchasing less expensive film
  3. Correct adjustment of the machine. By adjusting the wrapping machine correctly, savings can be achieved. For example, by means of a different wrapping pattern or by achieving a higher pre-stretch percentage. Sometimes this coincides with selecting a different film.
  4. A different machine. In some cases, it is economically prudent to buy a different film wrapping machine. One of the most important reasons is that the new machine can achieve a higher pre-stretch, which results in a saving. In many cases, the costs of buying the new machine are quickly recouped.

Would you like to have tailored film advice? Please contact us.



More than 100 years experience!

We have been working in the packaging industry for more than 100 years. From designing to the production in our own factories and from the smallest device to the largest automatic machine. We work for large and small customers working in every possible industry. We have really seen it all.

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