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Sustainable taping

Paper tape: fully recyclable

Boxes are often closed with PP or PVC tape, which is not recyclable. If you want to recycle the boxes after use, you must first remove the plastic tape from the box. As a result, the used boxes are often not recycled.

Closing boxes with paper tape offers the solution. The used box is fully recyclable after use, the paper tape is durable and the tape result is better. By using paper tape, less noise is released during taping and the package is protected against theft. In addition, paper tape is easy to apply with our table dispensers.

Less absenteeism due to ergonomic working

Taping boxes by hand can cause wrist strain. Because the same movement is made every time and pressure is put on the wrist to cut the tape, this can cause pain. In addition, manual taping often uses more tape than necessary to ensure that the package remains properly closed.

Closing boxes with a machine or table dispenser eliminates the above drawbacks. A table dispenser cuts the tape to the correct length, so that it only needs to be attached to the box. In this video you can see the difference between manual taping and taping with a table dispenser. This prevents overload due to pressure on the wrist. A box sealer sticks the tape or adhesive tape on the box, so that even less physical labor is required. An additional advantage is that taping with a dispenser or machine saves time!

No more waste

Working with a box sealer or tape dispenser prevents wastage of tape. Because the tape is cut exactly to the size of the box or packaging, no more tape will be used than necessary. With table dispensers, the different lengths of the adhesive tape are pre-programmed, and the correct length is dispensed at the touch of a button. Semi-automatic and fully automatic box sealers ‘read’ the size of the box, and thus cut the desired length properly in one go.

Be efficient!

Closing boxes with a table dispenser is already a big step in the field of automation and less absenteeism, but by investing in a tape machine you get even more out of your investment. Our CT 103 SD is the entry-level case sealer. By investing in this machine, your packaging process will run faster and smoother, and the result will be more professional and sleek. This is often highly appreciated by the customer.

We can also help you with your printing needs by attaching an inkjet printer to the machine, so you can directly encode barcodes and information on the box.

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