Stretch wrapper for heavy loads and pallets

The stretch wrapper CSA 212 in an efficient rotating stretch wrapper, to stack loose pallet loads securely. The CSA 212 is suitable for wrapping of unstable and/or light products in places where the machine should stay, for example free from the floor.

This machine is equipped with a clever pre-stretch system with adjustable pre-stretch of up to 400%. The choice of pre-stretch depends on the type of stretch film and load. The CSA 212 is easy to operate due to the clear touchscreen display.

  • Powered pre-stretch, by means of a gear
  • Pre-stretch 150% – 200% – 250%
  • Full control of speed and film coating
  • Handles up to 20 pallets per hour
  • Suitable for heavy pallets and unstable loads
  • Option: Automatic cutting device

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